We are holistic strategic advisors who focused on actionable business plans, brand acceleration, accretive acquisitions, best performing boards and adding value now and for the future. This holistic approach translates into seeing the company as a whole, being able to make better decisions that will optimize the long term growth for all stakeholders. Having been operators at both small and large companies, our recommendations are practical and results oriented-not theoretical. Simply put, we focus on taking your company to the next level of growth and profitability.

  • We focus on results
  • We are 100% aligned with your goals—we have no preset agenda
  • We present alternatives while asking the tough questions
  • We have a team of 15 individuals with a minimum of 20 to 30 years as operators of both middle market and larger companies
  • We listen and learn from our clients
Our mission is:
  • To recognize that every client and every business is unique
  • To understand there are no “cookie cutter solutions”
  • To provide revolutionary ideas around concrete growth strategies
  • To focus on results that improve the overall success for our client, their business, and their community
Companies, like people, go through various stages during their life span.  At one point a company may be aggressive and have a high tolerance for risk, at another point the same company may prefer consistency and cash flow.  Unlike our competitors, Neptune Advisors has no preset agenda when we meet to discuss your specific concerns and issues—we will not push you into a one-size-fits-all solution.  What we will do is listen.  And listen.  And listen.  Only after we fully understand your issues and concerns can we be in alignment with your goals and objectives.

We offer:

  • An initial complimentary session to discuss your goals and objectives,
  • A project engagement for objectives with clear beginning and ending points, or
  • A monthly retainer engagement for longer-term goals.
Our team at Neptune Advisors is comprised of seasoned leaders with substantial operating, financial and transaction experience in a broad range of industries. Our 15 advisors have been C-level executives of domestic and international companies ranging in size from $10 million to over $500 million dollars in revenues. Our advisors have a minimum of 20 to 30 years operating experience across many industries, including manufacturing, distribution, retail, technology, professional services and real estate and have completed numerous corporate acquisitions, recapitalizations and sales. Our Managing Directors are in constant contact with the advisors on every engagement and work closely with clients to ensure that the recommendations and guidance we offer is in complete alignment with your needs.